JAISIN InsurTech Solutions

JAISIN is a developer of specialty InsurTech products designed to empower independent insurance agencies with large enterprise tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Our business model is based on two axioms in the current insurance environment:


Human Expertise is Key

Insurance will always be a difficult terrain to navigate, especially for complex P&C lines. Advice and expertise from humans – not just technology – will always be sought after by consumers and businesses.

Tech Can Improve Profitability

Emerging technology is a powerful tool that, when harnessed and executed properly, can drastically improve both the performance and profitability of agencies, enabling them to provide better service to their customers.

JAISIN InsurTech & Blockchain Solutions

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JAISIN Ecosystem

JECO* is a turn-key InsurTech ecosystem – integrating leading back-end platforms, consumer-facing apps, and automated tools – that can easily be adopted and applied to an independent insurance agency’s operating model.


JAISIN Lead Generation

JLEAD* is a data collection and marketing automation widget. JLEAD uses a combination of online and offline marketing strategies that generate inbound leads without manual input from agents.

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JDANDO* is a Direct-To-Consumer and Wholesale product designed to automate the underwriting process for publicly traded companies and non-profit organizations, reducing the total underwriting time.

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JCARGO* is a Direct-To-Consumer and Wholesale product designed to automate the underwriting process for truckers specializing in hauling automobiles. Cargo companies receive their policies in real-time.

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JAISIN Certificate of Insurance

JCOI* is an enterprise product leveraging blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to authenticate Certificates of Insurance (COIs). The Blockchain ensures COIs are not manipulated and valid.


JAISIN Business Process Operations

JBPO* is an enterprise product designed to automate insurance agency operations – Marketing, IT Infrastructure, and Back-Office. When BPO is automated, agents focus on increasing their book of business and overall agency revenue.

JAISIN Traditional Solutions


Insurance & Risk Advisors

JAISIN Insurance & Risk Advisors is a global risk management boutique and insurance advisory focused on providing solutions to publicly traded entities, High-Net-Worth (HNW) Individuals, and complex commercial relationships.



Premium Finance

JAISIN Premium Finance* enables companies and individuals to finance their insurance premiums. Insurance premiums can be costly; our premium finance options provide companies and individuals the ability to leverage their cash flow & pay over time.


Wholesale Solutions

JAISIN Wholesale Solutions* is a Managing General Agency (MGA) designed to broker products to other retail agencies. This access point provides specialized underwriting power, especially for more complex insurance policies.


Specialty Products

JAISIN Specialty Products* designs industry-specific insurance products and solutions for distribution through the Wholesale market. These products focus on groups overlooked by traditional commercial insurance companies.

*Products in development
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